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HICAD, multifunctional BIM CAD, from design to fabrication:


- Steel structure and metalworking, assembly macros, stairs, railings...

- Sheet metal, boiler-making

- Facades, layout of industrial cladding and cassettes, Alucobond module

- Joinery

- Industrial piping, P&ID, 3D, isometrics

- Mechanical engineering, machine design.


- HELIOS, Project Management / PDM:

- Management of elements from different CAD

- Print management

- Rights management, multi-user work on the same model

- Approval cycle -

- Versioning and management of information dissemination

- Data security with VaultServer and replication,

- Link with ERP

Our software is available in several languages.

List of ISD Group software classed by category

CAD 2D 3D software for steel - concrete - timber constructions
HiCAD Structural steel and metalwork - 2D - 3D CAD Software for steel construction
ISD Group

HiCAD BIM software for 3D design of all types of steel structures, from standard industrial buildings to the most complex shaped structures, up to fabrication drawings.

Cladding design software
Hicad enveloppe HiCAD Building envelopes - Cladding design software
ISD Group

HiCAD BIM software for 3D design of building envelopes such as curtain walls, ventilated facades, industrial cladding.



Joinery software 2D - 3D - aluminium - wood - steel - PVC
Hicad enveloppe HiCAD Building envelopes - CAD Software
ISD Group

HiCAD BIM software for 3D design of building envelopes such as curtain walls, ventilated facades, industrial cladding.



Piping software
HiCAD Industrial piping and equipment - Piping software
ISD Group

HiCAD BIM software to design your industrial piping: P&ID, 3D and isometrics.


HiCAD also allows you to design...

Project Management Software
Helios HELiOS PDM/PLM - Project Management Software
ISD Group

HELiOS software is a PDM (Product Data Management) solution that serves to bundle and channel product information from different systems (e.g. Office, CAD or ERP) and departments....

Sheet Metal Software
HiCAD metalwork and boilermaking - Sheet Metal Software
ISD Group

HiCAD BIM software for sheet metal and boilerwork design. With its advanced features, whether for façade elements, equipment or machines, design your elements taking into account...

List of ISD Group news items classed by category

The 3D CAD Program for Glass Facades - ISD Group

Glass facades are not only aesthetically pleasing but also technically demanding. Planning and manufacturing such structures require precise work and efficient processes. This is...

Efficient modelling and production of aluminimum facade composites - ISD Group

The modelling and production of aluminium composite facade elements is a profession in itself. “With many software packages, it is a time-consuming process,” knows Dennis Meijer,...

This is how metal engineers save costs with CAD-software - ISD Group

The 3D CAD-software HiCAD helps three experienced metal engineering companies to accommodate even the most challenging client requests. In what way do these entrepreneurs save...

The importance of BIM and 3D CAD software for facade engineering - ISD Group

More and more construction companies are discovering the advantages of working with BIM. Also in the facade industry, working with BIM is gaining popularity. Yet there is still a...

Designing High-Value Added Metal Structures with HiCAD. - ISD Group

Designing high-value added structures, such as the mega-structure in the example, ideally requires a CAD software that allows for the design and integration of all major...

Design and fabrication of mixed facades using HiCAD. - ISD Group

Thanks to its various modules dedicated to building envelopes, HiCAD enables the complete design of a mixed facade, including glass panels, various sheet metal elements,...

HiCAD, the multi-disciplinary CAD software for design to manufacturing. - ISD Group

HiCAD is a multi-disciplinary 3D design tool, compatible with BIM, that allows users to meet the many challenges of construction.

Design & production of the facade of the LinkLab complex in Chambéry (France) using HiCAD. - ISD Group

No matter how complex the structure may be, often it is the visible part, the façade, that is seen and remembered first.

APER SHIP designed with HiCAD. - ISD Group

For a change from industrial structures and buildings, here is an atypical and unusual example with this realization of a paper boat model for the scenography of the Bregenz...