Generative Components v8i

Generative Components is a parametric and generative modeling tool used by architects and engineers to automate the design process and accelerate various stages.

A powerful generative design solution, Generative Components is available as an add-on module to MicroStation and allows architects and engineers to unleash their creative imagination and design complex 3D models.


With a mixed approach, Generative Components users can model geometry, create relationships, and generate shapes using scripts and/or direct manipulation, for unparalleled flexibility in creation. And this combination of intuition and logic makes Generative Components an extremely efficient component!


The software integrates perfectly into Bentley's Building Information Modeling (BIM) suite and generates models in DGN format, which can then be picked up with MicroStation v8i, facilitating the integration of a subset created with Generative Components into a building model processed with other Bentley BIM solutions.

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