bocad Roof & Wall for the building envelope

BIM modelling software dedicated to the building envelope (cladding and waterproofing)

bocad Roof & Wall software offers a complete solution for 3D modelling of cladding , roofing and waterproofing of buildings of any type (industrial, commercial or architectural). It includes a wide range of the most common catalogues of cladding and roofing profiles and makes it possible to produce all the finishing parts (folded plates and other attachment parts).


A modern user interface with a logical workflow allows users to design and model their project quickly and accurately.. Automatic layout of facades, gables and roofs is available with many options for precise installation. Tools allow the positioning and modelling of openings (doors, windows, shutters, etc.) and cut out the cladding. Possibility of palletizing elements for precise ordering of materials and saving time on site. Numbering of specific cladding elements (length range) and special deliverables for flashing. The general arrangement drawings of the facades and roofs are facilitated and automated for a precise nomenclature and of a high quality. The different interfaces (import/export) in different formats allow interoperability with other software and work within the framework of BIM projects. Modeling can be done on the bocad model or on an imported reference model. You also have all the features of bocad Steel.


The key features:


• Catalogues of cladding profiles from the most common manufacturers (sandwich panel, cladding sheet, roof tray, steel tray, cassette).

• Possibilities for users to customize and create their own catalogues.

• Creation of any type of custom finishing part (folded plate) and ease of editing and creating your own catalogues and library of configured finishing parts.

• Creation of openings (doors, windows, shutters, etc.) and possibilities of listing them.

• Management of fasteners and connections of cladding elements (per linear meter, surface)

• Palleting tool for precise material ordering and time saving on the jobsite.

• Automatic numbering of the model specific to the cladding elements.

• List and nomenclature specific to cladding (by product, by facade, by pallet) for orders from suppliers.

• Plan of the facades with designation of the automatic layout. Detail plan with graphic tools and annotations. The plans are always up to date with the 3D model.

• Automatic drawings for the manufacture and bending of finishing pieces.

• Interfaces in standard formats IFC, SDNF, STEP, IGES.

• Generation of PDF3D, DXF3D, DGN and VRML.

• Import and Export to DWG.

• Links to various production management tools or ERP.

• Powerful and adaptable printing or PDF export management tools.?


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