SOFiSTiK FEA - Multi-Structure Finite Element Analysis and Design (Reinforced Concrete, Steel Structures, Bridges, Buildings, etc.)

For greater computational power and necessary flexibility in structural engineering, SOFiSTiK FEA is a finite element analysis and design tool capable of handling any type of structure within a single interface, whether it be a building, bridge, or geotechnical structure - reinforced concrete, steel or composite structures - for simple or complex modeling and analysis.


Always at the forefront of progress, SOFiSTiK tools integrate fully into a BIM process, both at the calculation level (SOFiSTiK FEA) or the model and plans level (SOFiCAD, SOFiSTiK Reinforcement Generation & SOFiSTiK Reinforcement Detailing).


The graphic pre-processing can be done via various platforms (AutoCAD, Revit, Rhino, WINTube) within which SOFiSTiK tools deeply integrate, allowing for modeling that prepares the calculation. Parametric data sets allow the user to control and adjust the model and calculations to all of their needs. A library of load models for definition (road and rail, wind, seismic) is also available.


Various calculation methods are available, ranging from analysis with nonlinear effects to nonlinear dynamic calculations, modal or time-based, and including the evaluation of lines and areas of influence.


The consideration of construction phases in the calculation, including the determination of the ideal deflection and the automated optimization of forces, is available.


The design of beam and shell elements can be done according to the specificities of many international standards, such as the Eurocodes with their national annexes.


Various macros are available to simplify the definition of limit state verifications and evaluations.


More advanced calculations, such as thermal analysis, volumetric elements or numerical and interactive post-processing graphics, as well as open interfaces for the processing of individual results, are part of our tool suites.


The transparency of the software allows for an understanding and mastery of the results through detailed documentation, verification examples, and numerous tutorials, videos and texts, ensuring a confident use of the tools.


Various modular and scalable packages allow for an adapted and cost-effective configuration, with standard packages for the most common needs.


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