HELiOS for centralized and secure project data management

HELiOS software is a PDM (Product Data Management) solution that serves to bundle and channel product information from different systems (e.g. Office, CAD or ERP) and departments. This makes it particularly easy to find all product information, as access to this information is controlled by a rights management system.


HELiOS is integrated into HiCAD, Solidworks®, Inventor® and AutoCAD® systems.


With HELiOS, you can organize, share and publish your documents, CAD data and product data (PLM). HELiOS also includes :


- a central digital vault (VaulServer) for all company documents

- a Spooler for central control of document reproduction

- an Internet server for worldwide access to HELiOS-managed information

- Replication management that connects remote company sites to the PDM system.