ConCrete | ConCrete Plus

Software for the design, reinforcement drawings & BBS of concrete beams

ConCrete is the perfect software to quickly calculate continuous concrete beams. ConCrete Plus generates the reinforcement drawings.


In ConCrete, you enter elements using a unique question-answer system that renders sections, supports and loads. This allows you to build up models in seconds.


In a the blink of an eye, ConCrete calculates, according to Eurocode 2, the deformation (with cracking and creep), the internal forces and the necessary reinforcement. You get an indication of the minimum and optimal dimensions of the sections.


ConCrete Plus automatically translates the theoretical reinforcement requirements into a practical reinforcement drawings. You, as a user, can set all the reinforcement parameters: diameter, number of bars, the layer in which they are located, …


Designing concrete with ConCrete & ConCrete Plus is both fast and economical.


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