bocad Steel for steel structure building

BIM modelling software dedicated to the manufacture of steel structures.

The bocad Steel software offers a complete solution for the modelling and fabrication of all types of metal structures: plate work, stairs and railings, traditional frameworks, bridges and structures, from small projects to industrial and architectural projects of great magnitude.


A modern user interface offering a logical workflow allowing users to design and model their structural project quickly and accurately. A large library of automatic connections customizable to your standards allowing you to quickly create your models. No limit in terms of number of elements, nor in terms of materials. The overall and assembly plans, the shop and assembly drawings necessary for fabrication always reflect the model and are of high quality. The different interfaces (import/export) in different formats allow interoperability with other software and work within the framework of BIM projects.


The key features:


• Modelling of simple profile of frames according to international standards and catalogues.

• Complex parts, curved, triangulated, bent sheets, gratings, etc.

• Library of connections configured and customizable by the user.

• Complete catalogue of bolts and anchors.

• Management of welds according to the latest standards, possibility of traceability of welds thanks to their marking.

• Model checking tools (connection, collision, etc.)

• Customizable automatic model marking for a BOM that meets your criteria.

• Management of revisions after modification.

• Approval, Material, Shipping, Assembly and Bolts List.

• Plate and bar nesting tool for material order.

• General drawing and graphical tools for annotation and dimensioning of plans. The drawings are always up to date with the 3D model.

• Automatic drawings for shop and assembly, tubes unfolding, drawings at scale 1/1 for oxycutting or laser cutting.

• Files for NC-DSTV numerical controls or more specific for cutting tubes (HGG, Mueller).

• Interfaces in standard formats IFC, SDNF, STEP, IGES.

• Generation of PDF3D, DXF3D, DGN and VRML.

• Import and Export to DWG.

• Links to various production management tools or ERP.

• Powerful and adaptable printing or PDF export management tools.?



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