Software for predesign of basic structures in steel, concrete and timber

1.2.Build is the ideal software to design and predesign basic structures such beams, columns and simple 2D frames in steel, reinforced concrete and timber.


It is the perfect tool for making your price quotes and selecting the best solutions for your building sites. You can easily check a large number of variations. 1.2.Build always gives the optimal result: the beam with the minimum height, the lightest steel profile, ... so

that you can design your buildings as economically as possible.


After entering the geometry, directly on your screen, you complete the model with the supports and loads. Then 1.2.Build calculates the optimal section, and offers you a sketch of reinforcements and a list of quantities of materials such as volume, weight and surface to be painted.


Designing with 1.2.Build is both fast and economical.


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